Dr. Sereana Naepi


Non-Performative Diversity and Pasifika Women

Pasifika women experience non-performative diversity in universities in New Zealand. Non-Performative diversity operates as a way for universities to commit to diversity while simultaneously excluding diversity. 

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Questions we need to ask about higher education

This blog is from my presentation at the Indigenous Graduate Student Symposium in Vancouver 2017. In it I consider what it is we are asking for participation in and what is the price of this participation on both our communities and ourselves.

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I engage in research as a way to be of service to my community. I fundamentally believe that all people have a right to reach theis potential and for now I am focussed on how higher education institutions can better serve the people who work and learn within their institution.

If you are interested in working with me feel free to check out my CV at the link below, or contact me if you have any queries.