Ko Maui Tinihanga Ie – You are like Maui of many devices

“The Cook Island proverb of ‘Ko Maui tinihanga ie’ (you are like Maui of many devices) offers some inspiration for how Pacific peoples can unsettle the university.”

Questions we need to ask about Higher Education

Why are we investing in higher education, if success in higher education is about participation in the economic system that harms our communities long-term? What is the cost to our communities of this participation? Finally; what is the cost to ourselves when we participate daily in a system that rejects not only our presence but also our core ontologies?

Non-Performative Diversity and Pasifika Women

Pasifika women experience non-performative diversity in universities in New Zealand. Non-Performative diversity operates as a way for universities to commit to diversity while simultaneously excluding diversity. Non-Performative diversity enables the university to decide which aspects of diversity they wish to include (usually parts that highlight the university in positive ways and makes the university marketable as part of the wider knowledge economy).